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mesoestetic mesohyal artichokeMesohyal Artichoke


Mesohyal Artichoke is een anticellulite oplossing met artichoke extract. Voor vetopslag, verslapte cellulite, overgewicht.

Artichoke extract, also known as Cynara Scolymus, enhances significantly the synthesis of the coenzymes involved in anabolic processes reducing adipose tissue.

Its cleansing action stimulates the lymph draining system reducing the retention of fluids built up in the tissues and reduces oedema and the feeling of swelling.

Thanks to its antioxidant effect, artichoke extract prevents body skin aging caused by free radicals.

The intensive moisturising action of the hyaluronic acid contained in Mesohyal Artichoke gives it properties for repairing tissues aged by cellulite.

Within the context of a body mesotherapy treatment and based on the diagnosis of the aesthetic disorder of the patient, Mesohyal Artichoke can be combined with:

  • Mesohyal Carnitine: to increase energy output.
  • Mesohyal Melilot: for cellulite with a vascular component
  • Mesohyal DMAE: to tighten the skin after reducing the volume in the treated area

The treatment is administered over about 30 minutes, and the patient can immediately resume his/her activities of daily life. Although the therapeutic protocol will depend on the degree of progression of the aesthetic disorder, 8 to 12 sessions are usually required at 8 to 15 day intervals.

Although the reducing action of Mesohyal Artichoke is immediate and long-lasting, it does not stop the effects of the bad habits on the silhouette, so regular maintenance treatments should be applied every 6/8 months, for preser-ving the healthy appearance of the skin. This period may be shortened or extended based on the results obtained.