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mesoestetic mesohyal biotinMesohyal Biotin 


mesohyal™ BIOTIN is een revitaliserende oplossing, gemengd met vitaminen en minerale zouten in een basis van hyaluronzuur. Voor haaruitval, zwakte van de capillaire wortel.

Biotin, also known as vitamin B8, plays a major role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. It catalyses carbon dioxide fixation in the synthesis of fatty acids, reactivating cell metabolism and slowing down the skin aging processes.

Biotin reactivates cell metabolism and increases the concentration of vitamins, minerals or protein available in the dermis. This revitalising function allows for returning brightness to face skin, but also allows it to make up for the nutritional deficit of the scalp, responsible for hair weakness and premature loss.

Based on the diagnosis of the patient's aesthetic disorder, Mesohyal BIOTIN can be combined with:

  • Mesohyal HYALURONIC: with a high concentrate of hyaluronic acid
  • Mesohyal VITAMIN C: with antioxidant effect
  • Mesohyal DMAE: with firming effect
  • Mesohyal NCTC109: with intensive biorevitalising effect

In order to obtain a homogenous mixture for mesolift, first fill the syringe with the most viscous substance (mesohyal hyaluronic) and then with the other substances in the same proportion.

The treatment is administered over about 20 minutes, and the patien can immediately resume his/her activities of daily life. Although the treatment protocol will depend on the patient's age and skin condition, one weekly application for 3 sessions is usually required, which will be then every fortnight for 6 sessions.

Although the repairing and antiaging action of mesohyal BIOTIN is immediate and long-lasting, it does not stop the effects of aging, so regular maintenance treatments should be applied every 6 months in order to preserve the healthy appearance of the skin. This period may be shortened or extended based on the results obtained.