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mesoestetic mesohyal carnitineMesohyal Carnitine


Mesohyal Carnitine is een anticellulite oplossing met L-carnitine.

L-carnitine is an amino acid involved in the metabolism of fatty acids. It is a physiological "carrier"
transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria, where oxidation and subsequent energy release occur.

Upon increasing metabolism, the efficacy of L-carnitine is enhanced when associated with
increased physical acti-vity of the patient.

The intensive moisturising action of the hyaluronic acid contained in Mesohyal Carnitine gives it properties for repairing tissues aged by cellulite.

Within the context of a body mesotherapy treatment and based on the diagnosis of the aesthetic disorder of the patient, Mesohyal Carnitine can be combined with:

  • Mesohyal Artichoke: to activate lipolytic processes
  • Mesohyal Melilot: for cellulite with a vascular component
  • Mesohyal DMAE: to tighten the skin after reducing the volume in the treated area

The treatment is administered over about 30 minutes, and the patient can immediately resume his/her activities of daily life. Although the therapeutic protocol will depend on the degree of progression of the aesthetic disorder, 8 to 12 sessions are usually required at 8 to 15 day intervals.

Although the reducing action of Mesohyal Carnitine is immediate and long-lasting, it does not stop the effects of the bad habits on the silhouette, so regular maintenance treatments should be applied every 6/8 months, for preser-ving the healthy appearance of the skin. This period may be shortened or extended based on the results obtained.